As the Chairman of Fulton County, it is an enormous privilege serving the community. Fulton County is an amazing place to call home with superior parks, schools, historic landmarks, outstanding medical facilities and 10 Fortune 500 Companies.

Fulton County is ever-changing, fast-growing and leading the way as a world-class county. I work diligently, everyday, to create continued growth and development throughout our area.

I am your resource. Please feel free to reach out to me, with any questions and concerns.

In the News


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Chairman’s Office

Fulton Government Building
141 Pryor Street, 10th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303

North Fulton Annex
7741 Rowell Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

South Fulton Annex
5600 Stonewall Tell Road
College Park, GA 30349

To contact the Chairman's office, please dial - 404.612.8206